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Review: Shane and Trey

Shane and Trey Shane and Trey by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Twisted families

Shane is roommate with his sisters boyfriend Trey, but he's having trouble seeing him as just a roommate. He wants more but how can he betray his sister and Trey is not gay, is he????

I loved this story, it was a lot of feelings and every character had issues that gripped your heart and squeezed it.

The writing style is good with lots of dialogues but also some internal dialogues that made the story even sweeter. I loved when Shane really reflected on a friends problem and came to a conclusion that seemed rather good and mature.

The relationship between Shane and Trey grows slowly(don't tell me you didn't understand there would be a relationship, it's not a spoiler) and I thought it was sweet in the build up.

This is a story about how we all have a little broken childhood, som more then others but we have to work to get past them and friends can help you open up and see things a different way.

It's not the last book I read from this author.

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