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Review: Broken Play

Broken Play Broken Play by Samantha Kane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My goodness

What a book......... I don't know where to begin but one thing is clear; I love this book!
Marian is wanted by both Beau and Cass, but something is haunting her from her past. Will they overcome it to be together?

The storyline was good and the characters was well described and lots of feelings.
I love the writing style and that the author takes up a subject that is a serious challenge. It's a story about what sacrifices a person can do to save others and what cruel actions people can get away with.
But it's also a story about love and acceptance of our desires; as long as they don't hurt others in any way it's all "normal" (I don't like the word because it's stigmatising)Love is love!

Here you got it all, boy love girl, girl love two boys, boy love boy, etc.....
So be aware: it's love in many forms and adult content.
I initially started to read this because I received a ARC of a new book in this series but now I have to read the other books before I read the ARC.
Good 5 star read.

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