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Review: Alex

Alex Alex by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heartbreaker Alex

Alex hate hockey and he doesn't give a damn about anything, but he is the MVP on his team. The suits upstairs, as the coach calls them is not happy with his attitude and he's forced to cooperate with Sutton in building a anti-drug-abuse campaign and be their spokesman. The chemistry between them are instantly affecting them.........

I loved this book and I almost always do with Bennett's books, they are full of emotions and I feel like they are written with a lot of love and care. The characters are described with so much feelings and in such a colourful way that I clearly see them in my mind.

The writing style is as excellent as always, easy to read and no unnecessary descriptions of surroundings. And dialogues......yes!!!!

The storyline is good, two people with a lot of baggage after a rough childhood, one of them has worked through it and one is just ignoring it. The understanding Sutton is showing Alex when he struggles to find his way is remarkable and that makes me feel a little unsettled but this is fiction so I choose to see it as it is and enjoy it.

When a book makes me cry and laugh and occasionally hot and bothered *blushing* it's a great 5 star read.

This is the first book in a series but it's a HEA so don't fear...... I initially started to read this one because I've received an ARC of the last book in this series and I love this author so I thought I should try to read the first books before I jump to the last. I don't regret that decision but my credit card might be......... Consider me gone the next week or so:-)

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