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Review: Campaigning for Christopher

Campaigning for Christopher Campaigning for Christopher by Katy Regnery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Intriguing story

I liked this book the best of all the Winslow brothers stories because I loved the storyline with enemies becoming lovers.
Julienne is mislead to believe Christopher is a bad guy running for office and takes action to smear his reputation. As soon as she realised her mistake she offers to make it up to him by being his fake girlfriend, but can he go trough with it when he hate her, or do he really hate her?

I liked the dynamic between the two characters and found that it was well written in my opinion. This authors stories always contains a lot of feelings and this story is no different, it's packed with feelings. So bring your handkerchief, the tears will flow at some point.

There were two things keeping it from being full pot, the voice again; it's not the most comfortable listening to but not enough bothering to drop the book. The second thing is that we never got to know who "black hat" was and nail him. But this is my personal wishes, for others it can be enough as it is.

I liked this series, even though I haven't read the stories about the English brothers beforehand it was no problem. Maybe I will read them now.

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