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Review: Love Me at Midnight

Love Me at Midnight Love Me at Midnight by Linda Morris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Publishing date: December 12th

*I was gifted this ARC and are freely giving my review of it*

YOURS AT MIDNIGHT by Robin Bielman
Lyric has a secret she's keeping from her family and her childhood friend Quinn. She have not seen Quinn for years and she is afraid neither he or her family will ever forgive her for keeping this secret.....

This was a slow build up romance and I liked it, it was sweet but also hot.
The writing style is easy and had enough dialogues in my opinion.

The characters was well written and the story had a lot of feelings, I actually cried a bit in the end. I liked that the author managed to get the feelings inside the characters come very much to the surface in the story.

Very sweet 4 star read.

Special needs teacher Kayla is supposed to attend a party to suck up to a billionaire who may or may not be donating to the school she works at. She is instead stranded in a storm on a lonely road. A hot guy picks her up and takes her home, but is he who he says he is.........

I liked this sweet and hot romance, it had the ingredients of a good story; billionaire rescue the "girl next door" and sweet music is made.

The writing style is to my liking, easy and no unnecessary described surroundings, and lots of dialogues....... What's not to like?

The characters are well described but it lacked a bit in the feelings department in my opinion, I didn't get all mushy and soft inside but it was good.

A little unstable 4 stars

Eliza has a crush on her brothers friend Chris and is spending New Year's Eve with him when her brother cancelled their evening.

This was a short story with not much content but it was some sweet scenes so in my conclusion it's a sweet short story but a little boring.

A 3 star read.

All in all this bundle was a weak 4 stars.

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