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Review: The Current Between Us

The Current Between Us The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hot and sweet

Trent is a electrician that steps in on a job for Gage who is his dream reporter. Gage is opening a gallery and letting go of one career to start a new one. Trent have adopted his sister two kids and tries to keep his romantic life from his personal and career life. Gage changes everything and will he succeed in making his way in to Trent's life?
I love this story, it was full of feelings and made me cry and laugh.
The writing style is excellent, easy to read and no unnecessary described surroundings. There is a good amount of dialogues which really holds my interest.
At times I thought Gage was a little intense but that's okay because it's a story, and when the characters are written in a way that gets a reaction it means the description is good.
The love scenes was full of feelings and hotness, this author knows how to write love scenes. They are not so dirty that they get disgusting but not so tame that they get boring.
I also like the way the author wrote the interaction with the kids in the story, the kids was treated like humans with minds of their own.
Obviously I love this book!!!!

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