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Review: Royal Savage

Royal Savage Royal Savage by Victoria Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rough, dark and sweet

Avalon is dating Colton, but one night she meets Royal and is drawn to him. What she don't know is that the two men are brothers. Let's just say that the feelings between the two brothers aren't friendly. How will Avalon solve this challenge?

This story is rough and dark but at the same time it is sweet. The writing is direct and with no unnecessary chatter about the surroundings in details. Simple but affective.
But the feelings in this book are described in a way that makes you feel a lot of things; sad, happy, angry, scared, anxious.......oh, the list is long.

I think the author has done an excellent job in revealing Royal's past throughout the story, it's making me want to know but at the same time I'm scared to know it. And I love all this characters and I hope to read about Blaine, Madison and Jax story sometime.

If you like it rough and dark but also sweet this is a story for you.

Normally I don't pay much attention to the change to a new chapter but this is actually very visible in this book and it pops out every time you turn a page and there's a new chapter presented. I know this have nothing to do with the story but I find the layout very fitting to contest. Just saying....

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