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Review: Just a Bit Unhealthy

Just a Bit Unhealthy Just a Bit Unhealthy by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All-consuming love

Gabriel is a star player of an English top club with a girlfriend and seemingly the perfect life. But he is clinging to his physiotherapist Jared like a lovesick boy, why is that? Jared is gay and he's not, is he?

I loved this book but I would have liked it even more if Gabriel didn't take so long to acknowledge his true self.

I thought Gabriel was selfish in the beginning, and he is but I think there are reasons for his selfishness that goes way back.
I think the storyline was good and the characters are described in a way that make me feel like I know them.

The authors style of writing holds me captivated through the story and I actually don't want it to end, at the same time I'm hoping for a happy ending soon.

{Jared closed his eyes and wondered if this was how it felt to be between heaven and hell.}

This is a story about denying your true self out of fear of your own feelings.
Explicit m/m love scenes, adult contents

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