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Review: Just a Bit Confusing

Just a Bit Confusing Just a Bit Confusing by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Best book in the series

Jamie has a crush on his best friend but Ryan is straight. He try's to have boyfriends to forget his crush but he can't help feeling what he feels. What will happen if he tells Ryan how he feels?

What a emotionally roller coaster of a book, I'm in love with Jamie. I want to keep him, cuddle with him and comfort him because I feel so bad for him.
Big warning; maybe I'm sappy but I cried a lot reading this book, Jamie's hopeless feelings for Ryan was described in such a beautiful and raw way that it make my heart bleed for him.

Your thoughts are a weird thing, they can get set in a way that makes you believe the thought your thinking is true, but is it the truth forever?

{It’s wrong and weird only for as long as you let it be.}

This book for me was the most emotional one in this series so fare. I only have one book left.

I just get lost in these books, the writing style is so easygoing and full of emotions.
If I should make one negative note about this book it's that the love scenes was not entirely as good as in the other books. But because of the storyline in itself and the other content of the book, I loved it the most.

Warning: explicit m/m love scenes, adult content.

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