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Review: Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot Tying the Knot by Casey Cameron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*I was gifted this ARC from the author and are freely giving my review of it*

I like this story, but I thought it was a little slow in the beginning.

Fox is a Omega that's left by his Alpha right before his wedding. When he gets tipsy and his sisters encourage him to hit on a man at the bar he does so. The man turns out to be his high school boyfriend, the one that got away.........

I'm a very open minded reader and read almost everything but I still have genres I prefer reading. This is not one of my preferred genre but the author did a great job in getting me in to this story.

The author had some great references to "The Lord of Ring" movies that made me giggle, I love that because I'm a big fan of those movies.

It's a well written story with good described characters and the storyline is great in my opinion. (I've said my negatives in the beginning) There are very good love scenes and there are lots of emotions and intensity in them.

Another of the things I like about this story is that it's no unnecessary descriptions of surroundings and lots of dialogues.

I also liked the little snippets of how their relationship was in the past, that made me feel like I got to know them even better.

This story was fun, sweet and hot. I'm giving it 4 stars and that just reflects how much I liked it despite not having all the love for Alpha and Omegas.

So to conclude, if you love this genre you will love this story. And I would totally read what this author writes in this genre because it's well written.

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