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Review: Too Hard to Forget

Too Hard to Forget Too Hard to Forget by Tessa Bailey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Publishing date April 25th

*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley and I'm freely giving my honest review.*

Review coming, I just have to come down!!!!!!

********** REVIEW************

I love this story so much I could write a book about it........joke aside, I will try to make the review not all over the place but I can't promise anything because this book just broke me.

Peggy is returning to her old university for alumni weekend in hope of closing the doors for good on a relationship from her past. But she seems to have awoken something that never really can be closed. Elliot has never forgotten Peggy even though he has tried. Will they make it to the end without breaking each other apart?

I read many really good books throughout the year but this author always gets to me in a way no other can. The rawest of emotions and the most special characters makes me feel like I'm sitting by the ocean watching the changes in the sky and hearing the waves washing over rocks. And that is my favourite spot to be, so her books is like the ocean and I just let the feelings and impressions wash over me.

There is a sense of sin layering the story in the beginning. Older man, younger women, but as you get deeper in the story you forget about age and just see the characters deep care for each other.

When I started reading this series I didn't like Peggy much, she seemed so fleeting and shallow, but this book put me in my place. She's everything but those things, she's caring, strong, loving and resourceful and so many other things. There are layers of Peggy and I think the only man who can understand her is Elliot. And then again maybe it's because he has his own layers. He's struggling with his conscience and his religion.

Halfway through the story I thought; oh, he got to make a grand gesture or he's never getting her.

The conversation between Elliot and Alice was my breaking point, I cried for them both and it was so beautiful written. It hit me on so many levels not only because I'm a parent but because it speaks of love in such a honest way. I cried for Alice who has lived with a father that has only been there for her on the most basic level and not with his emotions. And I cried for Elliot who had switched off his emotions and lived like a dead man for years.

This is my favourite so far in this series now but the chanting in my head won't stop: Belmont, Belmont, Belmont.......... I'm so excited to read the last one in this series. We've been teased with Belmont and Sage throughout the whole series so; bring it Tessa, I will have me handkerchief and comfort food ready.

This has been one of my longest reviews ever and to say some last words; if you like books with well written characters, lots of emotions and a good storyline, read this book! This is a series so I recommend reading them in order although every book has a HEA for each of the couples.

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