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Review: Ray of Time

Ray of Time Ray of Time by E.L. Todd
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I was gifted this ARC from the author and are freely giving my review of it*

Omg, I love, love, love and hate this story!!!!! How could he........... I'm a mess after finishing this story.

Finally Zeke and Rae is together and it's great, but Ryker is moving closer and stirring up things. Are Rae and Zeke making it to the finish line.

This is a intense story with a lot of feelings and the writing style is easygoing and filled with dialogues so for me it was a quick read that I enjoyed tremendously.

The characters are well described and the storyline is great. It's building up to a point where you think it can't be any better than this and then at the end I thought; what the heck.......???????? I got to read the last book, like now!!!!!!

I've read all the previous books and I must say if you first start reading you can't stop. The author has a way of getting you hooked on the characters and you just want to know what's happening next.......

I highly recommend this series if you love hot, sweet and intriguing books.

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