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Review: The Maverick Cowboy

The Maverick Cowboy The Maverick Cowboy by Kate Pearce
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Publishing date: January 31th

*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley and I'm freely giving my honest review.*

The veterinarian Jenna and the ex marine Blue is attracted to each other but they have a lot of baggage. Can they make a relationship work despite that?

I liked this story and the fact that it was realistically written not with overwhelming passion and fairytale, just plain love and attraction between two people. Sometimes it's nice to read these kind of stories in between the others.

What I did like about this story is that both Jenna and Blue are willing to think about their actions and reflect on their issues when they don't come eye to eye on every thing. That made them more human and more realistic in my opinion.

The writing style is straight forward with no unnecessary descriptions of surroundings and there is enough dialogues.

The build up in the story was good and if I should mention one specific scene I liked it must be the scene at the breakfast table with Jenna's parents. I love how Blue and Jenna stood up for each other.

As an extra bonus there where a lot of side characters that I could picture story written for.........

A strong 4 star read and I still don't know why I can't give it more stars but for me it's all about how I feel after reading the story. I always wait one day before I write a review because then the story has time to settle in my mind. And this one just made me feel 4 star.............

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