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Review: The Edge of Dominance

The Edge of Dominance The Edge of Dominance by Shayla Black
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goodbye friends....

Macen is being charged with several allegations and Raine and Liam is doing everything they can to help him. The person behind it is someone Raine hoped would stand by her.

I'm sitting here with stars in my eyes which happens every time I read something from this author. What's not to love about this story, hot scenes, action and a little supernatural twist.........and don't forget a lot of love.

This is book 4 and what a delightful ending to the story of 3 people falling in love. I've been waiting for the end of this story since I read the third book. Even with stars in my eyes I feel like I've just said goodbye to 3 friends I won't ever see again, in other words I feel a little sad.

The writing style is so engaging you can't help be dragged in to the story, and the storyline is great, it all comes together in the end with some of the characters from previous books in this series. Liam and Macen's past is also revealed in this book so I felt that I got more understanding to Macen's behaviour.

There is no unnecessary descriptions of surroundings and there are lots of dialogues, which if you read my reviews before, you know I love.

I could write a whole book about this series I think but I like short to the point reviews so I try to keep mine that way too. I just have one more thing to say; Liam's mother Bryn was a twist I really really loved in this last book.

I laughed, cried, cringed and loved every minute of this book.

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