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Review: Wicked Need

Wicked Need Wicked Need by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another hit

Cat has been coming to the silo with her very much older husband to enjoy having other men because her husband is not able to help her. That's what everyone think including Rand who has a soft spot for her. But the truth is ugly and Rand is a knight in shining armour.
I liked this story very much and I'm now truly addicted to this series.

The writing style is great, easy to read but still makes me be dragged in to the story and feel so much.
I laughed, cried and got excited for many reasons. The characters are well described and there is a good amount of dialogues which makes me like it even more.

The thing that really hits me is how much I enjoy all the filthy talking characters, at fist I felt a little shocked but it suits the story and now I can't imagine this books without the rough language.

This story still have some more serious thoughts to it, how can a person who's going trough life feeling used and sacrificed ever manage to have self respect and feel worthy? I feel utterly sorry for Cat and cheers for Rand to reach through to her.

What I also like is that all the books CAN be read as a standalone but it's probably even better read in order.

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