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Review: Shameless

Shameless Shameless by R.G. Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


There, I just doubled the stars!!!!

I've been waiting for Seamus story because he's a special person, so caring and selfless that I hoped he find someone who would take care of him. And then Bellamy shows up with all his wealth and persistence. But Seamus never seen himself as gay or.....??????

With every book in this series I think "this can't be as good as the previous....." and again I'm wrong.

This is a story about a caring, dedicated, loving, selfless father who will do anything to protect his family even if it means sacrificing his own heart. The one person that can win his heart won't take no for an answer. I ended up crying like a baby at the end of the book.

This author has a way of writing that's so full of emotions and love that I'm literally a ball of feelings when I'm finished.

I loved this story the must because of the kids and how they do as kids always do; they don't push anything under the carpet, they says it how they see it.

The chemistry between Seamus and Bellamy I'd sizzling and hot and the love scenes is drool worthy.

The writing style is easygoing and filled with dialogues and there are no unnecessary descriptions of surroundings so I get lost in this story.

Now I'm finished with all the Finn's I have on my kindle but I want more, more, more............

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