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Review: Wind River Wrangler

Wind River Wrangler Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review.*
Shiloh is a romance author living in New York, but now she has a stalker so she goes to visit her mothers friend on her ranch. Here she has to share a house with Ronan a former army employee now a cowboy.
She feels attracted to him from the first meeting and he feels this attraction after seeing her picture.
The story goes on to much in the minds of the characters and it's a bit frustrating but suddenly at 35 % of the book I feel there is a deeper meaning in this story and I get the purpose of all the "mind reading".
There are so many feelings in this book and it got to me. The authors way of describing the characters feelings towards one another is superb, you can actually feel the tenderness, insecurity, longing, sadness and most of all the love.
Ronan is the first to recognise his feelings of love for Shiloh but it's subtly described in the story.
After seeing her own mother dealing with the loss of Shiloh's father and then she lost her mother too, Shiloh are having trouble trusting her feelings and is afraid of losing the person she eventually should fall in love with.
I like the way the author lets Shiloh gradually build her strength and confidence as the weeks go by and she takes part in some of the work at the farm. Working on Ronan's house has a certain symbolic meaning for me because it's indicating that she's going to be part of his house some time in the future.
Most of the books I'm reading has a more abrupt start to the romance but this book builds it up very slowly, and at first it was annoying but I started to enjoy it the more I read.
But the disappointment came in the love scene, I don't think after all that building up it was sufficiently described. Don't misunderstand; it's a good love scene but I expected more passion and......just more...... Maybe it was the lack of communication during the scene.....I don't know. Still it was a very tender love scene.
What I really liked about this book was that you got both main characters story told and I prefer that in a book.
I think much of the reason I felt it was some disappointments was old habits of reading books that has a faster evolvement. Despite some disappointments, this book was good and it had a lot of meaning to me.

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