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Review: The Fight

The Fight The Fight by Ashley John
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


The last book about George and Harvey was as good as it could be. Harvey comes back after 5 months on the road.
The things he has gone through makes him realise that he left a good man.
Even though I felt like George was letting Harvey down in the second book I was hoping they end up together. The description of their love is so well written I can almost feel it.
This last book is filled with emotions; grieve, happiness, love, sadness, fear......all the spectre of emotions. What I liked best about all of the books is that it's a story that could have been real.
As I said before the writing style is great and that makes it a joy to read.
Thanks so much to the author for writing about these two guys who is very much rooted in the real world.

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