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Review: Sloe Ride

Sloe Ride Sloe Ride by Rhys Ford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My goodness, I love the colourful writing style of this author.
Quinn and Rafe are the fourth book in this series and I'm not tired of reading about the Morgan's and their extended family. The fierce mother of the family is my heroine, loving all the family and protective as a lioness.
Quinn is the odd sibling that doesn't fit in with the other who are cops and he is a professor. But he's always been in love with Rafe who's a rockstar on recovery from his drug addictions. Rafe has a eye on Quinn too but afraid of what his friends will say if he hits on their brother.
The story is as always great, romance, crime, sweetness, all wrapped up in a remarkable book. I especially loved this book because of the description of Quinn as a introvert person is so meaningful (at least to me) and the way Rafe loves him the way he is. Can't say anymore without giving away to much. But as you can understand I very much recommend this book.
And now I've learned there's a fifth book coming.....hurray!!!!!

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