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Review: His Five Night Stand

His Five Night Stand His Five Night Stand by Emma Thorne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not a 5 star read but the potential is there.

Callie comes out of a boring relationship and moves in to a building where Theo lives. The man has a broken heart and he gives women only five nights of passion to heal their broken hearts. Callie is very inhibited, she has hidden her real self to satisfy a man and his wishes. Theo shows her who she really is.
The writing style is good, and the story is great. The characters are well written but I don't get that feeling of losing my self in the book. And because of that it's not very much more to say about the book. There are very wonderful hot scenes so because of them I'll give it a 4 star.
I might check out the other books if I need a quick read.

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