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Review: Due Diligence

Due Diligence Due Diligence by Anna Zabo
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Depth and feelings

Fazil is a consultant coming to Seattle to help get a firm back on its feet, where he find his old high school boyfriend Todd working. Neither has forgotten about each other but will they find together again when things get challenging?

I loved this book, it has a lot of the things I like; people with not perfect life but more realistic ones. Very good love scenes and a build up that's nice and not to slow.

This author has a way of reaching in to my feelings so I laughed and cried for Todd and Fazil. Most of all I felt for Fazil because he was so insecure and had so much guilt in him. I could really feel what he had gone through and was going through, although at times I wanted to slap him and say get over yourself!!!!! And Todd was so broken after they first split up, not saying more because; spoiler......

Anna Zabo has a way with words, she is one of my favourite authors, just a quote:

“No one’s good with love, Z. It’s messy, horrifying, and wonderful. You leave pieces of yourself all over whenever you open your heart. It’s a fight, a struggle, and so much work. It’s also the best goddamn thing in the entire universe. Love is bigger than everyone and harder than anything. You . . .” He stopped, his eyes moist. “You have to hope and hold on.”

*Hearts in my eyes*

The writing style is easygoing but still her words hold depth so it's truly meaningful. No unnecessary descriptions of surroundings and a good amount of dialogues makes it a story I can't put away. Characters are described with a lot of feelings and depth which makes me feel like I know them well.

Usually I'm not very fond of series that are so woven together but I love the glimpse I get of the other characters in this book.

I've read the other books in this series and I will read the next.

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