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Review: Knit Tight

Knit Tight Knit Tight by Annabeth Albert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very emotional story

Between sick aunt and dead parents this was a fun, sad and hot read. I loved that Ev and Brady found each other despite all they had on their plate in their life.

The writing style is easygoing and filled with dialogues and there’s no unnecessary descriptions of surroundings. Reading this was very enjoyable except for when I cried, or maybe I enjoyed that a little bit too.

Characters descriptions are very good, I felt like I knew the main characters at the end of the book.

Love scenes is unique and sweet.

Very good m/m romance as always from this author.

Quotes and Highlights:

💚“I could remind him how wonderful our bodies could be, even on days that our hearts broke.”

💚“You see, my Hala Mira didn’t just show me how to knit—she taught me how to embrace life. How to love it, stitch by stitch, as we made something beautiful from the broken ruins of childhood. And now, friends, I must figure out how to do that alone. I do not know if I can.—Evren’s Yarnings”

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