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Review: All I Want by Stella Starling

All I Want All I Want by Stella Starling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is one of this feel good books I love to read, especially around holidays. It’s written with a lot of emotions and the characters is well described in a way that makes me feel like I know them and connect to them. Because of that I get drawn in to the story and forget about my own life to be present in this books world.

I loved the personal growth Ben/Ash had in this story, from being a spoiled rich man to see the realities of life from another perspective and understand that the world is different for each person.
The connection between Ben/Ash and Elliott is described with very much feelings so I can see why they should be a couple. I’m amazed at Elliott’s way of making Ben/Ash see that he can be a better person without even knowing that he do that.

There’s no unnecessary descriptions of surroundings and a good amount of dialogues so the reading was very enjoyable.

The love scenes are sweet and tender, but still hot.

5 shining stars 🌟 from me for a very good m/m romance.

Quotes and Highlights: 

“He’d never met someone who was so in tune with himself, and had never spent time with someone who was so effortlessly easy to get along with”

“It was perfect. Soul achingly perfect. When it broke, Elliott’s resolve broke with it.”

“Heat pooled inside him as they kissed, and the possessive way Ben held him made the flame warming it burn even brighter. When the kiss finally broke, Elliott was left struggling to catch his breath.”

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