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Review: The Rescuer

The Rescuer The Rescuer by Eric Huffbind
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*I was gifted this book from the author and freely give my review*

I really wanted to enjoy this book because the storyline is very good but the stilted writing and to much use of characters names made it not quite so enjoyable.

Descriptions of feelings are lacking in most of the story and I feel like it’s a naive writing style. When that’s said the story in itself is good and it was easy to read because it was so naive in the style.

Overuse of the characters name was one of my main reasons for not enjoying this book as much as I wanted to, it was so extreme I had to look it up:
➖725 times the name Jason is said in the book
➖905 times the name Chris is said in the book
I’ve never experienced that in a book before so it was weird.
I actually had to check other books in my library to see if I was mistaken about this. My discovery was that books of that same length or longer normally mention main characters name between 150-300 times.

What was very likeable in this story was the straight forward way any subjects was discussed with openness. At the end of the book some feelings came forward in the characters in a better way than in the beginning so at the ending of the book I felt more enjoyment reading. I felt like I knew the characters a little better in the end but it took awhile.

There is a lot of dialogues and no unnecessary descriptions of surroundings but I wish there were more internal dialogues where you get a better feeling of the characters emotions.

My conclusion is that this is a very romantic book and it’s the debut novel so if I’m objective this is a good first book. Strong 3 stars 🌟 and if this author continues to write I’m curious to how he will mature in the writing style.

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