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Review and IG tour: Gemini Keeps Capricorn

Gemini Keeps Capricorn Gemini Keeps Capricorn by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I was gifted this ARC and freely give my review of it*

Another excellent slow-burn romance from this author, I’m usually not one for slow-burn romances but I thoroughly enjoyed this series. They all can be read as standalone.

The writing style is fun and I loved the characteristics of Wesley and Lloyd’s differences in personalities.
Wesley is bubbly and fun and Lloyd is grumpy and serious, still they match so well.

Bonus of this story is no unnecessary descriptions of surroundings and lots of dialogues.

All the challenges Wesley has with his brother Lloyd takes on and helps him. Wesley does little every day things for Lloyd and that’s the sweetest thing.

There’s a lot of suppressed feelings from both guys but it comes to the surface through all the things they do for each other.

As always it ends in a hot and sweet love scene, not the hottest I’ve read but still satisfying when it happens.

Good 5 star m/m slow-burn romance with fun dialogues.


“Hundreds of fights are ahead of us, Wesley. I’ll still want you around at the end of them.”

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