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Review: Just One Kiss

Just One Kiss Just One Kiss by B.B. McNeil
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*I was gifted this ARC from the author and freely give my review*

Leah and Matthew have a obvious attraction but they also have some obstacles to overcome before being together.

This book had some serious hot scenes and for that I give it credit but there are some other things I didn’t like in this book; to much unnecessary descriptions of surroundings and a storyline that was to much back and forth.

The story has a lot of potential but I don’t enjoy when it’s to many misunderstandings and in addition I don’t feel as if they have cleared it up at the end even if it’s a HEA. The lack of communication between the characters was for me mostly irritating.

All the unnecessary descriptions of surroundings made the enjoyment of the read not top notch. That’s just sad because this book has major potential. The characters are well written with lots of emotions and the connection between Leah and Matthew is described clearly from the beginning.

I give this book 4 star 🌟

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