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Review: Wicked Favor

Wicked Favor Wicked Favor by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I was gifted this ARC and are freely giving my review of it*

Another book to disappear in from Bennett, she has a way with words that makes me forget my real world. And I fully enjoy it!!! This is steamy hot, sweet entertainment.

Jerico is paying back a favour to a man he hates, but Jace saved his life so he feels obligated. Jace's sister Trista needs money to pay back a loan shark and he offers her a job at his sex club. Jerico wants to use her to get revenge over Jace because of happenings in the past. But most of all he wants her!!!!!

I don't know what this author does but her books is excellent, I have some authors I read automatically and this is one of them.

The storyline and the build up is good, I have a hard time putting the book down because I just want to know; what happens next.........

If all the characters I've read was so well described and so full of feelings I would never give a book less then four stars.

This book has some descriptions of surroundings but I find it necessary for the story so it's good with me.

I found this book to be hot, sweet, intriguing and at times even funny.

It's a 5 star romance with adult content.

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