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Review: Grind

Grind Grind by Hannah Ford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good 4 star read

Obsessed With Him (6 books) by Hannah Ford was easy to read with many dialogues. Olivia and Colts story didn't go deep but was okay. Olivia try's to get a job as stripper but Colt takes an interest in her. Colt is running a strip club together with his uncle, but he's uncle are up to some sketchy things that Colt don't agree with. There is hot scenes and action but I missed some more background of the male character. I didn't get the feeling I like to have when I read a book, the one where I disappear in it. 4 stars

The Billionaires Fake Fiancé (3 books) by Ella London. Madden is a cocky guy on the outside and he is disgusting when he "buy" Skylar and she accepts it because she is desperate for money (why is it always the girl that's poor?) Skylar is running from a crazy ex and accept the money so she can get farther away from him. But everything is not going as planned.
The story is good and I loved the writing style, it's easy but filled with emotions. There are some great hot scenes. Still it's not enough for me to give it the best review, I give 4 stars.

The Dept (13 books) by Kelly Favor. Jake is a arrogant ass, I want to smack him. That was my first thought. He's a star in movies and singing and he wants Raven. Raven is being tricked in to signing papers under pressure and the troubles starts.
The story was very good and the characters are well described. The writing style is to my liking so the book gets 4.5 stars from me.
The second part of this series is about Faith and Chase. Faith is tricked in to a on-night stand with Chase whom is a star football player. But of course it gets to be more than one night. They both fall in love and the story is good. Chase had a tough childhood that the public don't know about and things get complicated as always in a book. The characters are well written and there's a lot of hot scenes. 4 stars

Naked (7 books) by Kelly Favor. Caely is running away from her ex but her car breaks down and Elijah gives her a ride and they connect. I think the story was a little all over the place. I got a feeling that the author wanted to put to much in the books at once. The characters are described a little superficial in my opinion but maybe others will disagree. In the end I just wanted to get threw the book. 3 stars

Take Three by Kelly Favor. This book is about three friends, Kylie, Lucas And Ben. Kylie has a crush on both man but it it isn't described well so I get the feeling she only loves Lucas in the beginning of the story. It's a sweet story about a two guys in love with one girl. Not to good described but it's okay for a short story. 3 stars.

I actually discovered one thing about my preferences while I read; I like when the books alternate between the two main characters because then I get a better insight in the relationship. That's what was missing in this book. I only got one main characters thoughts and feelings and that wasn't enough. Still this box-set is a 4 star read.

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