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I’ve come to the realisation that reading and reviewing is a full time job and it feels like that now. That’s not how I wanted it to be so due to some other personal reasons also I will slowly leave the blog world behind.

I will still review books and leave my reviews on the following places:

In addition I will be using my other accounts to promote books and authors:

I have one ☝️ other account that I haven’t used as much but will be using more:

I want reading to be pleasurable again and not feel lik something I HAVE to do. I hope to be able to receive ARC’s and review them on my other accounts. If not, I will always continue to read and review books. I’m forever a reader.

At last I want to thank the authors and promoters that has been so kind to feed my addiction to reading with ARC’s and I hope they will still need me from time to time because i will still sign up to promote books, just not on blog tours.

This is my last post!

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