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Review: The F Words

The F Words The F Words by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Runaway guy

I like this book and this is why:

* Great storyline
* No unnecessary descriptions of surroundings
* Fun and plenty of dialogues and chat between the characters
* Sweet and hot suspense (I’m not particularly found of suspense but this author knows how to write it)
* Well described characters with all their flaws and angst
* A story packed with feelings that made me cry and laugh 😂 (Rory’s middle name)
* Happy ending, happy reader 👩‍🏫

One thing has to be said though; I was not satisfied with how the physical appearance of the characters was described, I felt it was a little lacking.

M/M romance that captures you from the beginning. Strong 4 stars 🌟

Quotes and Highlights:

“A long sigh escaped him, one that had been trapped inside him for too many years, and he was left just . . . tired. Not bubbling with guilt or disgust or horror or regret. Just exhausted from having held back so long.“

“Why I tolerate the furry devil? Because you like him.”

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